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Maliah Pinkleton Photography

EST: 2006

I have a unique edgy style when it comes to what I see and photograph. I have photographed a variety of subjects from families, to weddings, to artists, dancers, and live theatre.

I'm a "Momma" to a funny, witty, kind, talented and beautiful "tween". She puts the color in side of my world. I'm the Photographer/Co-Author to a regional book, Local Flavor of Northwest Arkansas.

I love cooking, art, music, theatre, painting, traveling, wine tastings, holiday Reese's peanut butter cups, coffee, the color yellow, water, animals, fresh salsa, and watching my daughter dance.

I don't love pigeons, horror films, ranch dressing, clutter, or roller coasters.

479-879-4066 | maliahpinkleton@gmail.com

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